Production & Quality Control

ORTUS AdBlue® is manufactured with technically pure urea and demineralised water processed with optimum and highly efficient processing and quality control. AdBlue® manufactured is compliant with ISO22241 standards. Sal energy is affiliated with a NABL and ISO approved lab for ISO22241 compliance. Sal energy inspects each batch before dispatching for quality control.

Sal Energy has a VDA sub-licence for AdBlue® production and is in conformity with ISO9001:2015.

ORTUS AdBlue® Packaging

ORTUS 20 Litre Pail

20 litre packaging is an ideal emergency solution on road and can be kept on truck or bus as a backup in case of its non-availability in the route of travel. A 20 litre pail can last approximately for a run of 1200km on a truck.

ORTUS 210 Litre Barrel

210 litre barrel is ideal for a small fleet. Sal Energy can provide pumps and dispensing solution for the consumer. A 210 litre barrel can last approximately for a run of 12,500km of truck.

ORTUS 1000 Litre IBC

1000 litre intermediate bulk container is also ideal for a small to a medium fleet. Sal Energy can provide a wide range of dispensing solution like electric pump sets with variable options, manual pump sets etc.

Bulk AdBlue® Solutions

Sal Energy is in the process to set up AdBlue® terminals nationwide for bulk distribution and sales of AdBlue®. We can offer customised bulk AdBlue® solutions by setting up AdBlue® dispensing units, bulk supply via tankers and telemetry solutions for storage tanks.

We are inviting channel partners to set up ORTUS AdBlue® station with AdBlue® dispenser and allied tanks and equipment for AdBlue® sales nationwide. We can offer customised solutions with various options of AdBlue® dispensers with various tank size options, bundled or stand-alone dispenser options, flow meter, temperature control and telemetry options.