About AdBlue®

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) for AUS 32, an Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%. AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of high-purity urea in de-mineralized water. AdBlue® is an Aqueous Urea Solution used in vehicles equipped with SCR technology to convert NOx from diesel engine exhaust streams to nitrogen and water. NOx is a major source of atmospheric pollution and use of SCR technology in vehicles have proven to be highly effective in reducing NOx emissions.

Implementation of BS IV emission norms in India in 2017 required a substantial reduction of NOx emissions in diesel vehicles. Many OEMs of commercial vehicles have adopted SCR technology for meeting BS IV emission norms in their vehicles. AdBlue® is currently required in medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses equipped with SCR system. BS IV implementation in 2020 will expand the AdBlue® usage in commercial vehicles to passenger cars and off-road machinery (Agriculture, Construction, Mining etc.)

What is the consumption of AdBlue®?

Consumption of AdBlue® is determined by many factors like type of vehicle, engine load, duty cycle, terrain conditions and temperature. AdBlue® consumption is approximately 4-6% of fuel consumption.

Properties of AdBlue®

  • AdBlue® is a colourless, clear liquid
  • AdBlue® is a non-toxic, non-polluting and non-flammable solution.
  • Density: 1 090.0 kg/m3
  • Refractive index at 20 °C: 1.3829
  • Freezing point: – 11 °C
  • Compatible with Highly alloyed austenitic Cr-Ni-steels (SS304, SS316 etc.), titanium and polymers free of additives.
  • Not compatible with copper, zinc, lead, Aluminium, magnesium.

Applications of AdBlue®

Commercial Vehicles


Passenger Cars

Construction Machinary

Agricultural Machinary

Marine Applications (AUS 40)

Handling and Storage

  • Fill in dedicated AdBlue® tanks.
  • AdBlue® should not be diluted or mixed with any other liquid.
  • Handle with compatible materials only.
  • Store in a cool, ventilated area and away from direct sunlight.
  • Store AdBlue® below the temperature of 30˚C to avoid chances of decomposition.
  • Do not use urea solutions other than AdBlue®. Poor quality solutions may cause excessive damage to the SCR system leading to expensive replacement costs.
  • Abstain from the use of funnels, jugs or oil containers for refilling AdBlue®.

Shelf Life of AdBlue®

The shelf life of AdBlue® is dependent on storage conditions. Shelf life will differ on variation in storage temperatures.

Constant ambient storage temperature °C Minimum shelf life in months
≤ 10 36
≤ 25 18
≤ 30 12
≤ 35 6