AdBlue® is an Aqueous Urea Solution used in vehicles equipped with SCR technology to convert NOx from diesel engine exhaust streams to nitrogen and water.


NOx is a major source of atmospheric pollution and use of SCR technology in vehicles have proven to be highly effective in reducing NOx emissions. Implementation of BS IV emission norms in India in 2017 required a substantial reduction of NOx emissions in diesel vehicles. Many OEMs of commercial vehicles have adopted SCR technology for meeting BS IV emission norms in their vehicles.

ORTUS AdBlue® is manufactured with technically pure urea and demineralised water processed with optimum and highly efficient processing and quality control. AdBlue® manufactured is compliant with ISO22241 standards. Sal energy is affiliated with a NABL and ISO approved lab for ISO22241 compliance. Sal energy inspects each batch before dispatching for quality control.

Applications of AdBlue®

Commercial Vehicles


Passenger Cars

Construction Machinary

Agricultural Machinary

Marine Applications (AUS 40)